Saturday, June 03, 2006

You can always count on an event like today's terrorist arrests

to unite the far-left and far-right in support of conspiracy theories. The web is ablaze with speculation about what's really behind these arrests. Lefties are wondering if the situation will be used to garner support for a national ID card, and as further justification for our participation in a largely unpopular war. Righties believe this is related to the search for chemical weapons in the UK, 2 guys arrested on terrorism charges in Georgia last week, and every imam in every mosque in the greater Toronto area. One poster on a right-wing message board speculated that an attack on the subway was scheduled for last Monday, but was foiled by the transit workers' wildcat strike. (Unions had foreknowlege? A socialist conspiracy!!!)

Everyone needs to grab those tinfoil hats, the voices are getting in!!!