Saturday, June 03, 2006

Toronto Jihadists

Who they are

One 43 years old, the others all between 19 and 25 (another 5 were under 19). The 43-year-old looks good for being the "ringleader" of this merry band of terrorist assholes. I wonder which of these kids he was planning to send into the subway to blow himself up? Chickenshit.

Disclaimer: the cops said that the TTC was not a target. (Go Train maybe?) Since they're not saying what the targets were (and supposedly there were multiple targets), there's bound to be a lot of speculation about this. There are the obvious, symbolic ones like the CN Tower, government buildings, banks and malls. Then there's a scarier one that comes to mind, especially since the arrests seemed to start in east Toronto/Pickering ... isn't there a nuclear reactor in Pickering?