Saturday, June 03, 2006

More on our "home-grown" terrorists.

The cops held a press conference about an hour ago that elaborated on some of the details of yesterday's terrorism arrests.

The investigation is still ongoing so there's obviously a lot they can't reveal, either for litigative or investigative reasons. But it appears that 17 people, 12 adults and 5 teens, have been detained. Evidence includes 3 tons of ammonium nitrate: media spokespeople are putting this in context by citing the Oklahoma City bombing, which was done with 1 ton of AN and killed 168 people. So 3 tons... either these guys had a huge lawn to fertilize or they wanted to make some serious boom. Other evidence included cell phones (like the ones used to detonate the 3/11 bombs in Madrid), walkie-talkies, wiring sheit etc etc... your basic Jihadi Happy Meal.

I originally thought this all went down in eastern GTA, but at least 6 of the suspects of from Mississauga and they're all being held in Brampton. Court appearances are scheduled for today, probably going on as I type this.