Friday, July 07, 2006

More fear-mongering

Just in case you've forgotten... the lessons of 9/11. Another terrorist plot uncovered...*yawn*

I guess people just weren't buying the 7 "terrorists" busted last week in Florida as a real threat. Understandable, since they were basically just a bunch of losers with delusions of grandeur and a whacked-out idea about blowing up the Sears Tower that hadn't progressed past the "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" stage. So "someone" leaked a story today about another bust, this time in Lebanon (the furren terrists are scarier). These new guys were planning to blow up the Holland Tunnel between Manhattan and New Joisey, in order to turn the financial district into something like New Orleans last September. Given that Manhattan is well above sea-level, no flooding could occur, so one wonders how far along this new plot was. I mean, that should be an elementary part of the plot, right? Finding out if the city is below sea level or not. Hmm. The information on this evil plan didn't come from intercepted sattelite phone calls or encrypted email messages; it was gleaned from jihadist chat rooms.

As always, the timing is interesting. Apparently, this "plot" is old news; the FBI has been monitoring the website for months and says the plotters had neither the training nor the resources to pull it off. (So it's the same bunch of deluded losers going "wouldn't it be cool it...?" only this time they have computers.) Why release the information now? And why tart it up as if it's some really major threat, when it's just a bunch of bozos on their computers? Significant date: July 7, one year since a real terrorist attack in London. That association would give the news more credibility. And again, those pesky mid-terms coming up.

If terrorism wasn't such a serious issue, this would be almost funny in a wag-the-dog kind of way. But I'm afraid it's getting to the point where the Bush administration uses the news to manipulate the public so routinely that the news itself will soon cease to have any credibility, and then where will we be? Instead of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, we've got the News That Cries Terror.

Just sayin', that's all.