Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bullshit Alert

The Bullshit Alert Advisory System was elevated to "severe" today, following the report of a suspected terrorist aboard a United Airlines flight from London to Washington DC. The plane was diverted to land in Boston after a female passenger supposedly became "confrontational". The initial reports said the woman was carrying matches, a screwdriver(?) and a note that made reference to al qaeda.

I first heard this at 7am when it was still news, and even then the news anchors were kind of going "yeah right". My first thought was, oh sure, and how'd she get a screwdriver on board, hide it in her water bottle? And a note about al qaeda? Please!

Not surprisingly, it turns out that the "terrorist" was just having a claustrophobic meltdown. The matches, the screwdriver and the note about al qaeda were, shall we say, creative license. But this is what happens when the government perpetuates a climate of endless fear... every little thing freaks us out. I hate to think what's going to happen when the threat is real.