Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Staying the course and adapting to win.

The Bush Spinmeisters are truly masters of obfuscation and manipulation of the spoken word. This week we were introduced to their latest power propaganda phrase: "Adapting To Win". ATW replaces "Staying The Course" (STC) as the Bush administration's meaningless policy statement of choice. We know what "staying the course" is (see image at left), but "adapting to win" ? Hmm. Let's parse this phrase.

Adapt - means to adjust to a challenging, or negative, situation. For example, when you first start running, you can't go more than 1/4 mile before collapsing in a heap, but as you repeat this cycle of abuse on a regular basis, your body "adapts" and eventually you run a marathon. (Or die.)
To Win - references the current situation as "non-winning", ie. losing, with a goal of changing it (in reality or perception) for the better.
So "Adapting to win" means that what is currently a losing position (the result of "Staying the course"), has been that way for so long (the cycle of abuse) that by now people should have adjusted sufficiently that they consider it a positive, or winning, situation.

Yes yes, and war is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery.

(Image from Bring It On)