Monday, August 21, 2006

Dingdingding! I called it!

Not unexpected news from Pakistan: it turns out that the alleged "al qaeda mastermind" of the London airline bomber plot is ... not. A Pakistani Interior Ministry spokesman said on the weekend that the suspect's extradition is now not under consideration. Analysts suspect that "Pakistani authorities exaggerated (the suspect's) role to appear 'tough on terrorism' and impress Britain and America". Indeed, there's wide speculation that the whole plot was not nearly as serious or advanced as initially claimed, with some of the alleged bombers not even in possession of passports.

But it's too late -- once you're in pants-pooping mode, it's hard to stop. So at the same time as we were finding out that the London airplane plot was probably nothing, there was a "mutiny of passengers" caused by... Arabs On A Plane!!! Passengers on a Malaga-Manchester flight feared for their lives when they overheard 2 men speaking Arabic, for god's sake! (gasp, shriek), and refused to allow the plane to depart until airport security staff got those motherfuckin Arabs off that motherfuckin plane.

So this is what all the fear-mongering, whining and screaming and pants-pissing gets us: in-flight segregation. That's progress. And winning Arab hearts and minds by the thousand, I'm sure. Heckuvajob, Georgie. You da man.