Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do we really need to log this?

Clayoquot Sound, 350,000 hectares of pristine temperate rainforest on west Vancouver Island, is to be open for logging.

In the early 90's, Clayoquot was the site of the largest environmental protest in Canadian history. (A poster of Clayoquot from that time still graces the wall near my computer after 15 years.) Since then, there's been limited logging but no major operations in Clayoquot, pending recommendations of land use boards.

Interfor and Iisaak Forest Resources hold the logging rights. Although I don't think it should be logged at all, given the choice I'd lean toward cutting some slack for the First Nations-run Iisaak... a smaller company, and certainly with more claim to the land than Interfor. But I wonder, if native land claims were being settled expeditiously, would Iisaak need to launch full-scale logging operations in Clayoquot?