Thursday, August 03, 2006

Iraq and Unintended Consequences

Finally, the Pentagon is admitting what has long been obvious to the rest of the world, that Iraq "could move toward civil war". Heads of command testified before a Senate Armed Services Commitee that the combination of sectarian violence, Al-Qaeda terrorists, Shia militia and Sunni insurgents is making the move to civil war "possible" (read: "inevitable"). Coming from the arrogant and unapologetic Bush administration, this admission can be safely taken to mean that Iraq has descended into such a complete clusterfuck that it will take years if not generations to repair the damage, if such repair is even possible. The insurgency is far more resourceful than the administration anticipated; at this point, they've even infiltrated the Iraqi army.

With all this, Donald Rumsfeld still insists that the Iraqi government and army are "holding together". Holding together? In a security environment that's so dangerous that visiting officials have to arrive unannounced and undercover? I think it's time for the US to declare victory, pack up and leave. The civil war that they've been staying to prevent is in full swing.