Friday, August 18, 2006

*Gasp* SHREEEEK! Top al qaeda bad guy located!!!

EEEEEEEEK! Today Pakistani officials informed the US that an al qaeda "kingpin" involved with the recent alleged UK terrorist plot is located in eastern Afghanistan! Ohmygod! The "kingpin" is supposedly the #3 Al Qaeda Bad Guy... Holyshit! #3 Al Qaeda Bad Guy! According to a screaming hysterical news report I heard this afternoon, finding this guy means that the capture of Bin Laden is just a few months away. (Just a few months away... like, oh I don't know... November?)

"The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, did not identify the militant but said he was on the level below the terror network's chief Osama bin Laden and deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri."

"Did not identify the militant"? Why not?

Because either he doesn't exist, or he's some gofer whose biggest responsibility is getting coffee and falafels for everyone. (I'm betting on #2, some poor sucker who's never even met Bin Laden will take the fall for this.) That these arrests and "locatings" are coming from Pakistan is suspect: Pakistan is unofficially quite al qaeda-friendly, and it could be that the US is putting pressure on them to stop jerking around and get onside. Pakistani President Musharraf has been protected by the US for years, since he's seen as a vital ally in the "war on terror". Were it not for this protection, Musharraf would most likely have been assassinated long ago... there have been several attempts already. I wouldn't put it past the Bush administration to threaten the removal of US protection unless Musharraf comes up with some "terrorists" to keep the fear machine in high gear.

The hilarious thing is that even if this is real (unlikely), and the guy they have their eye on is a genuine al qaeda big shot (improbable)... they haven't even got the guy yet! They just know where he hangs out (approximately -- "eastern Afghanistan" isn't exactly a street address). So basically, they 've got next to nothing. But next to nothing is all it takes these days to get people peaking and freaking, and that's just how Bushco wants it til November.