Friday, August 11, 2006

Is Dick Cheney nuts, or just insane?

Or just going senile? Yesterday Cheney emerged from his underground bunker to comment on Tuesday's defeat of pro-Iraq war Democrat Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary. He called the loss "disturbing" and said (get ready) it meant that al-qaeda would think they could "break the will of the American people". Huh? His logic(?) here (and I'm only guessing) is that because Connecticut voted for an anti-Iraq candidate, it means they don't want to fight the war in Iraq, which means they don't want to fight the "war on terror". Which might make sense if Iraq had anything to do with the "war on terror", but it doesn't.

If anything, the ascendancy of anti-Iraq challengers means that the American people do want to fight terrorism, not waste billions of dollars on an immoral and unwinnable war that has nothing to do with terrorism. People are starting to wonder how much safer they'd be if the government had spent $2 or 300 billion on homeland security instead of squandering it in Iraq. And they're starting to vote for people who will make that happen, so America can get down to the business of really fighting terrorism.

Dick: go back to your undisclosed location, and don't come out til the war's over.

(via HuffPo)