Thursday, August 10, 2006

What the -- Harper! Get your ass down to Toronto!

This I really can't believe. The 16th Annual International AIDS Conference is being held in Toronto August 13-18: a critical meeting of 20,000 participants including researchers, doctors, funders and people living with AIDS. Not only that, but luminaries like Bill Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates and Stephen Lewis (UN special envoy to AIDS) will also be there. And our Prime Minister has "declined his invitation".

This is one of the most pressing social and medical issues in the world today. With the conference being held in Canada, there's every reason that Harper should be there, and it'll be a total embarassment if he doesn't show. AIDS kills more people than terrorism, and that seems to get Harper's attention. So what's the problem? It would be a great time to announce that Canada is stepping up to fulfill our commitment to send affordable medications and support for the medical systems in struggling countries... Or maybe that's the problem, we don't want to make that announcement. If so, that's more than embarassing, it's disgusting.

Come on, Steve... Do the right thing and get down to that conference. DAMMIT!