Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well, umm okay, maybe it was real.

By the looks of the latest news updates, the terrorist plot uncovered today in the UK was probably the real thing. British authorities spent the last 24 hours raiding homes and businesses, arresting and questioning suspects, who were mostly Brits with ties to Pakistan (there were also some arrests in Pakistan). Supposedly, the plotters were just about ready to do a test run, followed by the actual attacks within days.

Scotland Yard has been aware of the plan for 2 weeks, which would explain why they had the "NO LIQUIDS" airport signs ready to go up today. (Damn, I hate it when my conspiracy theories get shot down.) But 2 weeks?! Why do they always have to wait until these guys are practically boarding the planes before they shut them down? I can't help thinking they do it this way for maximum impact on the public.

Weirdly, they're saying the plot was "suggestive of al qaeda", not that it definitely was al qaeda. I'm not sure what this might mean... maybe some legal implications? (Is the al qaeda "brand" copyrighted? Oops, I mean al qaeda©.)

The fact that there's been so many of these plots discovered lately does not make me feel safer. If anything, it's an indictment on the so-called "war on terror", which in my view is creating more problems than it's solving. We're having to dodge more and more bullets, and we can only do it for so long.