Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stevie, can you hear us?

An Angus Reid poll released on Friday says that 77% of Canadians want neutrality in our position on the middle east. In other words, more than 3/4 of us think the Harper government's position is wrong. Well, that can't be good!

Another interesting stat was that 51% of Canadians think that the only reason PM Steve is supporting Israel is because that position is in line with the policies of the Bush administration. Only 19% believe Harper takes that position out of "principle". Unless I'm mistaken, that would mean even some of the people who voted for Steve see him as a lackey of the Bush administration. Hmmm!

A minority government is really a long-term election campaign, and given their average 18-month shelf life, we're going to the polls in about 9 months. The middle east crisis isn't going away anytime soon, and will probably be a defining issue of the next election. Harper may want to re-evaluate his position to be less in line with the Bush administration and more in line with what most of Canada thinks, unless he wants to be drop-kicked back over to the opposition side of the house. (I know I'll be doing my part!)