Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And now for something completely different: Book Meme

I've been tagged to do this book meme by the rev at the woodshed. So, ooookay, here goes.

A book that changed my life: The Women's Room, (Marilyn French). It focused on the lives of women who came of age in the era before feminism, and contrasts their lives with those of women my age who grew up knowing they'd have choices beyond kids and kitchen. Definitely a defining book of the early 70's women's movement.

A book I've read more than once: the Dubliners (James Joyce). A really delightful collection of short stories about early 20th century life in working class Dublin. Very spare but intense writing style compared to some of his other works, like Ullysses. Also the Women's Room, I think I've read that a few times over the years.

A book I'd want on a desert island: the Complete Illustrated Works of Shakespeare that my brother gave me for christmas about 25 years ago. Shakespeare is always a good read in my opinion, and this book is a huge, beautifully-bound volume that could serve a dual purpose as both reading material and furniture. If I was more practical I'd probably take "Living Off The Sea" (yes I actually own this book), but what-the-hell. Caution to the wind.

A book that made me laugh: Hey Rube (Hunter S Thompson)... actually, anything by HST (The Fear & Loathing books especially). Also Jon Stewart's America. Oh, and Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

A book that made me cry: "Marley: Life & Love with the world's worst dog" (John Grogan). Dog lovers beware, this book should be sold packaged with a box of kleenex.

A book I wish had been written: "All Lies All The Time: The Truth About The Bush Administration" (Colin Powell)

A book I wish had never been written: the "Left Behind" series

Books I'm currently reading: "The 1% Doctrine" (Ron Suskind), "Talk To The Hand" (Lynne Truss), and I'm almost finished "American Theocracy" (Kevin Phillips).

Books I've been meaning to read: "No God but God" (Reza Aslan), "Blink" (Malcolm Gladwell), "Fiasco" (Thomas Ricks), "Freakonomics" (Steven Levitt), "The End of Iraq" (Peter Galbraith)

What turned me on to fiction: Non-fiction. When the real stuff I'm reading pisses me off too much, I turn to the unreal. Occasionally I'll read a few pages of this trashy Tom Clancy-type novel that I liberated from my place of employment when I found myself bookless on a coffee break. (Bookless on a coffee break = 15 minutes of HELL.)

Tag 5 others for this meme: Sorry guys, you know I'm only doing this because you strike me as interesting people!
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Have at 'er! (And thanks for tagging me, rev, it got my mind off things.)