Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My MP's got mail.

There was no action at the NDP constituency office today, and good thing; I was still too upset after the "friendly fire" incident to be able to discuss my issues in a calm and coherent fashion. (And I'm sure they get enough nuts walking in off the street, ranting and raving.) So once I calmed down a little, I fired off an email to my MP in Ottawa.

I pleaded with them to keep fighting to get our troops out of Afghanistan (the NDP is totally behind getting out), and suggested that we should at least have a moratorium on our participation until an investigation is completed. I also questioned how combat-ready some of our "allies" really are, because it seems like the US military is stretched so thin that they're just giving these guys the least amount of training necessary and throwing them out there. So accidents are happening -- civilians, afghan police, wedding parties, canadian soldiers are all getting hit. This needs looking into.

I also brought up the softwood lumber deal, which was originally the only issue I'd intended to cover. Specifically I want to know, and I think the NDP would be all over this too, what's the story on the $450million that we're giving the Bush Administration to spend on "meritorious initiatives" (with no congressional oversight)??? What are the "meritorious initiatives"? They were supposed to have been determined on Friday, but so far no information is available. (What a surprise.) Hopefully my MP can get some info, or at least start raising some shit about this. In any event, I encouraged my MP to vote against the deal because it's bullshit. (I didn't say bullshit, though, at least not after the edit. I think my words were "not good for Canada". Heh.)

I know the "getting out of Afghanistan" part won't happen overnight, but I'm anxious to see what they can find out about the white house's "meritorious initiatives". I don't want those bastards getting one cent of our money to use for the midterm elections... $450million can hack a lot of computers.