Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Secret CIA prisons! NOOOO!

Driving along this morning listening to Limp Rushbaugh (I can't help myself), I was treated to a speech by George W (with Limpbaugh interjecting his lame-ass comments every time W had a brain fart and stopped talking). Bush was doing the usual terror, 9/11 song & dance, when he started talking about the Geneva Conventions and the definition of "war crimes". The administration has been trying to amend the War Crimes Act for awhile, for obvious reasons. If torture's illegal, then hey! Just make it legal. Problem solved!

Then I almost drove off the road: Bush said that detainees currently being held in secret CIA prisons will be moved to Guantanamo Bay, where they'll have the opportunity for legal counsel, among other human rights. Secret CIA prisons? But-but doesn't that violate international law? It's been widely suspected for awhile that these places exist, but until today the administration never admitted it.

The speech dovetailed nicely with today's release of a Pentagon manual banning torture of detainees. The manual specifically mentions waterboarding, forced nudity, the use of dogs, mock executions and other practices that have been in use for the last 5 years. Better late than never, eh?

This has to be part of a massive ass-covering operation. If the democrats gain power in November and start launching investigations, somebody is going dooowwwwn.