Friday, September 01, 2006

Slow news day, new terrorist threat

From bucolic Twin Falls, Idaho comes the newest item on the Terrorist Threatdown List: "Agro-terror". The threat is that terrorists will infect cattle with Mad Cow or Hoof and Mouth disease, shutting down the beef industry and part of the food supply.

Will this never end? What next -- terrorists infecting chickens with bird flu to cause an epidemic? (EEEEEEEEK!) Infecting dogs with some kind of super-rabies so they turn on us? (SHRIEEEK!) Feeding valium to our cats so we get overrun with rodents and die of hantavirus? (GASP!!)

Maybe it's Terror-Envy. With the focus on big cities as potential targets, rural dwellers might think the outlying areas are being neglected, making them more vulnerable to the "grave and growing danger". More likely it's economic: everyone wants a piece of the budget that's being spent on Ipods and other necessities of homeland security. But the most probable scenario of all is that living under a seige of non-stop threat is driving everyone apeshit loony-toons. The aerial spraying of prozac can't start soon enough.