Friday, September 01, 2006

Softwood Lumber Deal: Keep The Story Alive

Further to the outrageous softwood lumber agreement I was arfing about a few posts down, the one that gives the bush administration a $450million slush fund that they are completely unaccountable for. The $450mil was supposedly going to "meritorious initiatives" which were to be "determined" today. As of tonight, the information isn't available. Why not?

On lambert strether's blog at correntewire, he's done a great analysis of the deal and the potential misuse/misappropriation of the $450mil by the administration. He points out that really bad announcements from bushco are usually made public on Friday nights to take advantage of what they hope is a 2-day hiatus in our attention span; in this case, 3 days.

This story has to be kept alive and kicking right into the next news cycle so that by next week everybody is screaming about it. If we let it die, we'll be partly responsible if the bush administration is able to use our money to win the midterm elections this November. And if that happens, the administration will never be held accountable for its multitude of criminal acts over the past 5 years.

Here's where you can find the contact info for your local MP. First thing Tuesday, join me in deluging these guys with calls, emails, carrier pigeon messages, whatever it takes to let them know how we feel about this pigs-at-the-trough misappropriation of our money. This outrage can't be allowed to just slide through.