Friday, November 24, 2006

Cheney's "profoundly disturbed"

No kidding, but not for the reasons we think. That's how Cheney's feeling ("feeling"? Cheney? Hahahaha) about the unceremonious if long overdue shit-canning of Donald Rumsfeld. "Profoundly disturbed."

When he announced Rummy's resignation, George W said that after some "thoughtful discussions", Rumsfeld agreed to resign. But now it's come out that Rumsfeld didn't even know he was "resigning" until the very day it happened. According to white house-friendly reporter Bob Novak: "On the day after the election, Rumsfeld had seemed devastated — the familiar confident grin gone and his voice breaking. According to Bush Administration officials, only three or four people knew he would be fired — and Rumsfeld was not one of them." Okay, so Georgie lied again. That's not interesting. The interesting thing is, did Cheney know?

Of the "3 or 4 people" that knew, two of them had to be Georgie and Karl Rove (because Georgie can't wipe his ass without Rove telling him how many squares to use), and I'm guessing Condi Rice (because she doesn't get along with Rummy, or Cheney for that matter, and lately she's been flying all over the world with bandaids and toilet paper trying to clean up their messes). Cheney might have been the 4th person who knew, if there was a 4th person, but then why would he be so disturbed about it?

Because (I'm speculating) he didn't know, and that's not allowed. There's an Unspoken Rule that Georgie doesn't make any decisions without Cheney's go-ahead. No wonder Cheney's profoundly disturbed! It's like Edgar Bergen realizing that Mortimer Snerd's untied his dummy-strings and escaped to run amok with Bergen's credit cards.

Cheney's "profoundly disturbed" -- because of what happened to Rummy, or because he can see it coming for him, too?