Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For once I agree with the anti-abortionists

There's trouble in fundie paradise. The so-con element of the conservative party has their knickers in a knot over the fact that Stephen Harper has forbidden conservative MPs and candidates to answer a questionnaire asking their stand on social conservative issues, specifically abortion. (Gay marriage is also on the questionnaire, but it's been taken care of for the time being by Harper's promise to hold a vote before the house takes off for the Annual December Pagan Ritual.)

The most recent refusal to answer the questionnaire on Harper's directive was from conservative candidate Dianne Haskett, soundly trounced in yesterday's London North Centre byelection. (Although it would have been redundant for Haskett to answer the questionnaire -- anyone who's even heard of her already knows she's a raving wingnut, right in lockstep with the fundies.) Wanting to know why Harper's conservatives are muzzled like rabid curs, the so-cons have launched a letter-writing campaign demanding that Harper allow his MPs to answer the questionnaire. ("Speak, Rover!") "What are they afraid of?" barfs this one.

And I couldn't agree more. Yes, Mr. Harper! Unmuzzle those MPs of yours! Release the hounds! Unleash the fury of those sanctimonious "values" for all to see. Let them answer the Questionnaire! Make them answer the Questionnaire! I'm just fucking dying to know how they stand on these issues, and I bet the rest of Canada is too! Especially the moderates who were scammed into voting Conservative 10 months ago because they were just so goddamn sick of the Liberal party, and hey, Harper didn't really seem that scary and probably all this talk about a hidden agenda and whacko fundamentalist ideas was just bullshit. Yeah, there are a lot of people who need to see how conservative MPs answer the fundies' questionnaire. I may even support the cause by writing a letter about it myself.