Thursday, November 23, 2006

Time for the US to declare "victory" and leave

"Baghdad was under curfew on Friday and the government appealed for calm after car bombs in a Shi'ite stronghold killed 160 in the bloodiest single attack of the war, pushing Iraq closer to the abyss of anarchy.

A further 257 people were wounded in the blasts, which left bloodied remains and blackened bodies scattered amid blazing vehicles. Mortars hit a Sunni enclave soon after, apparently in retaliation for the car bombs, which came as gunmen assaulted the Shi'ite-held Health Ministry in a bold daylight raid." (Reuters)

US troops need to leave iraq, immediately if not sooner. Most of the iraqis don't want them there, most of the american people don't want them to be there, why are they there? They aren't helping, they're making things worse. Or maybe they want to train the next generation of suicide bombers by doing things like this?

(H/T, the woodshed)