Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cheney supports the troops -- right.

VP Deadeye Dick Cheney is heading for Saudi Arabia tomorrow to meet with King Abdullah. It's not clear what they're discussing, maybe Israel-Palestine or the mess in Iraq. Cheney isn't scheduled to make any other stops, although Arab network Al-Arabiya TV reported that Cheney arrived in Baghdad today. The White House denied Cheney went to Iraq, and the report was later said to be erroneous.

Whaaat? Why would Cheney get so close to Iraq and not bother visiting? Aside from the obvious reasons, such as Iraq is a total clusterfuck and exploding fiery death-trap, why would Cheney not at least pay a visit to the troops -- after all, he's the one who put them there. You'd think he'd want to at least thank them for risking life and limb so the value of his Halliburton stocks could skyrocket. He's just a few hundred miles away and he can't even make a side-trip to visit the troops that are dying by the thousand because of his grandiose new american century bullshit?

Cheney, Dick. Supporting the troops, as long as it's from a distance.