Saturday, November 25, 2006

The view outside my window

is bad... it's snowing.

I am scared shitless of snow because of the driving aspect of things. People say "What? But you're from Toronto!" Yes yes, but living in downtown T.O. a car is almost a liability, so I never bothered learning how to drive til I got out here. That makes me a West Coast Driver, and west coast drivers live in mortal fear of snow. Having 4-wheel drive doesn't make me feel any safer -- nobody here knows how to drive in snow, so as I'm inching my way down the road I also have to watch out for the Other Guy who's careening towards me on bald summer tires. The first snow in particular is deadly -- everyone puts off getting all-season tires until they have absolute proof that snow is likely to fall this winter. The roadside carnage around here after the first snow is reminiscent of Mexico, where crosses literally line the highways. Ugh, snow. The only time I miss the rain.