Sunday, December 03, 2006


Tory supporters had their ducks in a row for a Rae or Ignatieff victory yesterday. The response to Ignatieff might have been something like: "Hahaha, you elected a guy who hasn't even lived here most of his life? Harper will kill him in an election." To Rae: "Hahaha, you elected a guy who has all that nasty baggage from being premier? Harper will kill him in an election." Dion: *crickets*

They couldn't find much to say about Dion. Other than picking on his English (which is better than that of the 3-term Chretien), trying to link him to the Sponsorship scandal (with which he had zero involvement) or calling him a "boring policy wonk" (hello Stephen Harper), the blue koolaid drinkers don't have much grouse about for a change. Dion doesn't have the baggage that the tory faithful relies on to form the basis of all their attacks.

Dion wasn't my first choice yesterday, that would have been Dryden, and I think the Liberals missed the boat by overlooking him. However, Dion seems to have some of the qualities I liked in Dryden -- honesty, decency (here's how he's voted recently) and a skeleton-free closet. The good thing about a guy like Dion is it's hard to paint him in such a way as to inspire the kind of deep hatred for him that Harper needs to win a majority. Like that creeped-out loathing liberals feel for Harper, which comes so easily because of the slime that Harper is. Hating Dion, on the other hand, would be like hating toast.

As nerdy as Dion is, I'm starting to warm up to the guy. Maybe a little less style and a little more substance is just what's needed to invigorate the Liberal party and send Harper's reformers back to cow country where they belong. They never did learn how to manoeuvre those tractors around in the big city.