Saturday, December 02, 2006

Liberal leadership - 2nd ballot

  • Iggy -31.6%
  • Rae - 24.1%
  • Dion - 20.8%
  • Kennedy - 18.8%
  • Dryden - 4.7%

I'm disappointed that Dryden didn't do better, but no surprise really. Too bad, he would have made a great leader -- he just said "I want my Canada back!". Yeah. Now he's taking his delegates to Rae.

Update: Belinda sez there'll be an election sooner rather than later. Probably on the budget, that'd make it sometime in early May. Can't happen soon enough! And Harper will get his fat ass handed to him. Nice try, back to bible study with you, ya cretin. And take all your bible-whomping buddies with you.

3rd Ballot:

  • Iggy - 34.5%
  • Rae - 28.5%
  • Dion - 37%

Go Dion!

Looks like Dion. It's Dion.

Okay Stephane, stop fucking around and get to work. There's conservatives to be defeated.