Friday, December 08, 2006

Don't criticize Georgie...

...It emboldens the terrorists!

Earlier this week the Iraq Study Group released their findings, which confirmed what everyone already knows: thanks to the incompetence of the Bush administration, Iraq is a virtually unfixable clusterfuck, and the US should plan on having the last helicopter leave sometime in January 2008. But in spite of the incontrovertible evidence provided by the report, Georgie still insists that victory in Iraq will be his, and had to be prodded into admitting that his war isn't exactly going well:

"It's bad in Iraq. . . . Does that help?" Bush responded to a British reporter's question about how the president might convince people that he is not "in denial about how bad things are in Iraq" and is sincere about "changing course." (Translation: "Are we finished now? Can I go home now? Will you leave me alone now? Watch this drive, you bastards!!!")

Because that goddamn Iraq Study Group gave Aid And Comfort to the enemy, the terra plots have started:

"A man was arrested in the Chicago area on Friday for allegedly plotting to attack Rockford, Ill., over the holidays, officials told NBC News. The plan involved a bombing and a shooting, the officials said. The man had no accomplices and was not part of a terrorist cell..."

There you have it, a threat that ranks right up there with the homeless guys in Florida. Next up: anyone who's ever downloaded a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook. YAWN!