Thursday, December 07, 2006

The so-con backlash begins (yawn)

There were some unhappy campers in wingnut-land today after the SSM motion crashed and burned by a 50-vote margin. Significantly, more MPs supported equal marriage this time around than when Bill C-38 was originally passed. And Harper, that great Defender of Traditional Marriage, didn't even bother showing up for the debate! That should be a pretty clear message to anyone with a functioning brain stem: same-sex marriage is here to stay, nobody gives a fuck what you so-cons want, take a hike.

But so-cons are known to possess skulls of rock that are virtually impenetrable by any kind of rational idea. Before the vote ratfuck pig-evangelist Charles McVety was already threatening retaliation at the ballot box and promising that he wouldn't give up on getting the issue reopened. After the vote, the dried-up old twats in wingnut group REALwomen issued a press release saying "Wah! Wah! We didn't get our way!" and demanding a national referendum. Talk about tyranny of the minority.

Meanwhile, engaged gay couples got on with their wedding plans and the majority of the country moved on. Only the so-cons remain behind, jabbering like gerbils in heat about an issue that died a well-deserved quick and painless death today. No doubt they'll continue to gnaw on it, but by doing so they could be harming themselves more than they know. The conservatives know they won't win a majority if they continue to be identified with religious extremists. They'll soon have to start courting the mushy middle of the political spectrum, and while the so-cons' 15 minutes might not quite be up, getting Steve on the phone won't be as easy for McVety as it used to be.