Thursday, December 07, 2006

Queer vote for the homophobe guy

In a couple of hours, parliament votes on whether to reopen the same-sex marriage debate, the vote will crash to the house floor under a pile of "no"s, and be swept into the dustbin of parliamentary history. Then finally the bigoted old farts who'd deny the equality of other canadians will have to admit they've been served by wasting 2 days of parliament's time on something that the majority of us see as an immutable law of human rights.

I got to watch some of the debate yesterday, and I was impressed with how the passion and intelligence of the arguments in favour of SSM contrasted with the lame old arguments against it. All of the opposition parties were fiercely well-prepared, while the conservative gasbags were just parroting the same tired talking points: cornerstone of society, think of the children, ad nauseum. They sounded like a bunch of incontinent old bastards grousing to each other over the checkerboard at the corner gas station. I wish every Canadian could have seen it, it so clearly showed what a gang of rubes we have in government.

But the rubes in government aren't nearly as stupid as the cretins who pushed for this vote. The Harper government never had to "ask permission" to reopen the debate -- they could have just done it. But that's gone by the board now they've taken this approach. Once the vote fails, the only way to reopen this issue will be by way of the "notwithstanding" clause, which Harper's already said he won't do. Happy, fundies? You've been played. Now sit down and shut the fuck up.

UPDATE: Motion DEFEATED, 175 - 123