Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hey hey, Elizabeth May

How many votes did you lose today? Besides mine, I mean.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May, speaking about abortion last week:

"So if one group of people say, "A woman has a right to choose", I get queasy, because I'm against abortion. I don't think a woman has a frivolous right to choose. What I don't want is a desperate woman to die in an illegal abortion. But I also don't think it's right to say - Well, you see, you end up having this conflict."

The "frivolous right to choose"? So much for the "progressive" Green Party; that sounds like something you'd read on that bastion of online idiocy, "Lifesite". Ms. May obviously has a low opinion of women who choose not to go through with an unintended pregnancy. That's frivolous? I'd call it responsible. "Frivolous" would be popping out kids in spite of not being up to the task of parenting.

Reactions to May's statement cross all ideological lines, from outrage on the left to speculation of a possible ally on the right. One SDA discussion ponders whether May's stance on abortion makes her a "social conservative". As usual, the mere mention of the word "abortion" brings the real nutjobs out of their bunkers:

"Can I ask the question? Nobody else has ever asked it, so I think I might be the first on the planet. But I've always wondered it, so perhaps its time:

What is so wrong about women dying during illegal abortions?

There, I said it. Why on earth should we be worried about this? Basically this boils down to "if we don't keep abortion legal, some women will be so anxious to murder their unborn child that they will risk their lives to commit murder, and may themselves be killed during the process of taking a life". Is this a particularly bad thing? Are we that horrifically against it? It sounds like the baby is going to die anyways. I just can't get too much energy worked up over the mother also dying...sounds like we're not exactly losing a woman who deserves a "#1 Mom" coffee mug. A person trying to commit murder dies during the attempt. I might feel bad (as will occur in this case) when the murder is successful, but I certainly don't feel that we should take any efforts to reduce the risk to the mother's life. If she's that anxious to kill her own baby, then I WANT HER DEAD. Simple and vicious as that."

Posted By: Feynman & Coulter's Love Child at December 2, 2006 6:31 AM

"I WANT HER DEAD"? In caps, yet. Yeah. This is the mentality the pro-choice movement has to deal with, and Elizabeth May isn't helping. I only hope that her revelations allow the Greens to steal votes away from the Conservatives rather than the NDP and Liberals, as they traditionally do.

And F&C's Love Child: suck on my dead fetus, you fuckin' fuck.