Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Marriage Debate

Short version: the good guys are winning.

I rarely watch CPAC, so the thing that startles me is the sheer number of people that make up our parliament. That's a lot of high-paid civil servants wasting a lot of tax dollars on this sham of a debate that everyone knows will fail. All for the satisfaction of that pigfucker Charles McVety, who by the way was on CBC yacking about this before I changed the channel. WTF? They were interviewing MPs from all the parties -- and McVety? How does that maggot rate?

The petition: "Restore the traditional definition of marriage as one man, one woman, because it's the most stable foundation for children". (Won't someone think of the children??!!) The children argument is such a non-starter. What's wrong with 2 moms or 2 dads? Parents are parents, as long as they're loving and stable, that's all kids need. But I digress...

The Tories are making a point of saying that they're having a free vote -- which really is kind of a non-issue since Dion said the Liberals wouldn't be whipped either. Nice try.

Nice speech by Bill Graham, and he's asked Harper to promise that once this debate and vote is done, there won't be any revisiting of the issue again.

The BQ's Real Menard is going back over 10 years of every bill that had anything to do will equality rights for gays, and the tories voted against every one. "They've always behaved in an institutionalized homophobic way", he says. He's also asking the conservatives to promise not to revisit this issue. Hmm, this could get uncomfortable for Harper later... will the fundies push him to use the "notwithstanding" clause?

Wow. After hearing the MP from Burnaby read the vows from same-sex weddings, I'm starting to feel like only gay people should be allowed to get married. I guess when you have to fight for something it gives you that extra edge of appreciation -- what's hard to achieve is sweeter when accomplished.

I'm impressed with the Liberals and the BQ's handling of this -- they've turned it into a Tory attack on charter rights, and made it clear that the whole thing was engineered for political reasons, and never intended to actually go anywhere. Take that fundies, you've been had.