Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keep it up, Stockie

Stockwell Day, from yesterday's Penticton Western News:

"Aaaaanyway, it appears that local libs now send bits and pieces of my local columns to their favourite spear-chuckers down east who are quick to unleash a volley of indignation, which makes for good fodder back here at home."

"Spear-chuckers"?? WTF is up with this guy? I'm pretty sure (not totally sure, but fairly sure) he doesn't mean it the way it was once commonly used by the culturally-deprived (a racial epithet), but how stupid is he?

At long last, despite Harper's best attempts to keep them muzzled they're starting to mouth off, just like we knew they would. And the timing couldn't be better!

(h/t Big City Lib)