Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pffft! Take that, reformcons!

The latest EKOS poll shows that if an election were held today, 40.1% of Canadians would vote Liberal, compared to 33.5% for the Conservatives.

Conservatwits are quick to point out that this is a post-convention "honeymoon" bounce, and that's certainly a factor. But it would be a more profound point if the tories' own popularity hadn't been sliding for months, said EKOS president Frank Graves:
"What is troubling for the Conservatives is an underlying trend over many months of rising dissatisfaction with the direction of government, combined with utter disappointment with its efforts on the environment."

Although Dion was my 3rd choice for leader, over the last week I've really warmed up to him, and I'm guessing a lot of canadians feel the same way. In his appearances this week, he's come across as very earnest, honest, and dare I say it: prime ministerial. What he might lack in charisma, he makes up for in a really human kind of warmth, something that Harper totally lacks. I can see moderates voting for this guy.

But I'm sure the reformcon shit-slinging machine is all revved up. It'll be interesting to see what it throws.

(h/t where'd that bug go)