Friday, December 29, 2006

Sick sick sick

Saddam might swing sooner than we thought. By Iraqi law Saddam's death sentence has to be carried out by January 27, but apparently it also has to be done before the Muslim holiday Eid, which is Sunday. So it looks like today or tomorrow for Saddam's last stand. He's being transferred out of the US detention facility today, the last step in the process that ends at the gallows.

I don't agree with the way his bullshit trial was conducted or the death penalty in general, but I'll admit Saddam is no great loss to the world. However, I'm disgusted that the US, in all its might, couldn't convince its Iraqi puppet government to use a slightly less primitive means of carrying out the sentence. Something else I take major exception to is that the execution will be taped, and the tape will sooner or later be available for download by any sick fucker interested in watching a guy hang til he croaks. A video of an execution by lethal injection wouldn't have the same psychopathic cachet as a hanging -- I seriously think this was allowed just to keep the blood dripping from the fangs of Bush's base.

It should come as no surprise that all the bloodthirsty screams for the tape are coming from the god-fearing, bible-whomping right. It begs the question: Whose execution would Jesus whack off while watching?