Saturday, January 06, 2007

Interesting week coming up for Georgie

Last week, Bush was planning to send another 30-40,000 troops to Iraq in a "new" military strategy lustfully referred to as "Surge and Escalate". Rather than listen to the negative feedback from the democrats, the generals, the troops and everyone else with half a brain, Bush relaced the generals, shuffled some top military personnel and downgraded the plan to 20,000 troops, calling the revised strategy a"bump". And now the military says all it can come up with is about 9,000 more troops. Will raising the number of troops in Iraq from 140,000 to 149,000 make all the difference? Come on.

But Georgie might soon find out that it's not like the old days when he could do whatever he wanted and nobody could stop him. The 110th Congress is finally in a position to put up a fight, and it looks like they will. My fingers are crossed. Update: Let the games begin...