Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nice to see the DoD cares so much about the troops

that it tries to stay in touch with the ones who've already died.

"The Army said Friday it would apologize to the families of about 275 officers killed or wounded in action who were mistakenly sent letters urging them to return to active duty.

The letters were sent a few days after Christmas to more than 5,100 Army officers who had recently left the service. Included were letters to about 75 officers killed in action and about 200 wounded in action."

At this point it goes without saying that the assclowns at the Pentagon could fuck up a 2-car funeral, but this is the kind of mistake they should be doing their utmost to avoid. On the other hand, it's just so typical of the slapdash, haphazard who-gives-a-shit way this war has been conducted from Day One.