Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Iranian car bombs

Iran has a car bomb problem. Not the same kind of car bomb as their neighbours in Iraq -- the Iranian car bombs are cars that spontaneously combust without any help from man-made explosives.

According to the Tehran Chief of Police, since last March there have been about 125 incidents where cars suddenly self-ignited and killed or injured their occupants, about 300 people in all. In the first 6 months of the year, 700 cars caught fire in Tehran. The car responsible for almost half of these car-BQ incidents is the Iranian-made Peugeot 405 (one more reason why "Poo-joe" is a lemon of a car, in my humble opinion). The Peugeots, French originally, are licensed for manufacture in Iran by Iran Khodro, who have this to say:

"Iran Khodro's director of marketing Mehdi Ghasem said the problem was an "occasional technical fault in the fuel system" in cars more than two years old and emphasized that vehicles made in this Iranian year had no such fault... Despite the reports, the car still ranks as the best-selling car among automobiles in the Iranian market which are priced above 10,000 dollars."

Let the buyer be wear-ing an asbestos suit.