Monday, January 08, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie, Part II

Mayday! Mayday! Small Braindead Animals is rocking and rumbling like Mt. Vesuvius about to hork up a lava loogie as the outrage builds over Little Mosque on the Prairie and the CBC's Unrelenting Assault On Christianity. I almost got a contact indignation high just scrolling through the most recent comments, but luckily I was able to wrench myself away away from the keyboard before it took hold.

"Will the CBC NEVER cease and desist their war on Christianiy? Any similar comment made on a sitcom about either Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or Muslims would be verbotten. But it's open season on Christians," shrieks "been around the block", between the jerks and spasms of her persecution seizure.

"Mary T" comes down from her indignation high long enough to humiliate herself with another insight from her vast reservoir of inanity:
"The cbc has branched out into producing and distributing bumber (Bumber?) stickers against Albertas oil industry. Read Ezra Lavants column in todays Calgary Sun. Seems they put one on his hummer and he is upset. It has cbc 1010 right on the sticker. Now we taxpayers are funding the cbc to spread their envirowacko views. Guess they have lost so many viewersand listeners this is the only way they can try to reach the masses. Time to defund the cbc". The Calgary Sun, of the Sun chain of fish wrapper tabloids; why am I not surprised? I guess that's the best they can do with that Home Skooling.

"Funkmeister" spits "Muslim is the new Gay... make Muslims look funny on T.V. and everyone will love them." Right, so "Little Mosque" is a muslim "Will & Grace" -- "Mohammed and Grace", if you will. A funny show that might make people feel friendlier toward a minority -- Oh fuck no, we can't have that!

The breathtaking ignorance of these people seemingly knows no bounds; it's like a skill they've honed to perfection. Amusing in a way, but it also kind of makes me wonder how welcome their new MP Wajid Khan is feeling these days.

Update: It was cute. It had typical debut show problems, the characters haven't quite developed and the acting's a little wooden, but remember the first few episodes of Seinfeld? Yikes. The best thing about the show is that it makes fun of things that have been "taboo" for way too long. It's about time. 2 thumbs up.