Monday, January 08, 2007

Little Persecution Complex on the Prairie

When I first heard about it a couple of months ago, it sounded like such an unlikely premise for a show that I thought it might be a joke. "Little Mosque On The Prairie", premiering on CBC tomorrow night, is a comedy about Muslims in small-town Saskatchewan. It might be a little controversial in an All (Allah?) in the Family kind of way -- even CNN ran a story about it last week. It portrays Muslims in a humourous light as ordinary goofy people, in an attempt to offset the extremist stereotype that's been getting way too much play in the last few years. What a cool idea; it's about time people got beyond the stereotype and started seeing muslims as real people, not some amorphous icon of terrorism.

Not surprisingly, Little Mosque has prompted squeals of outrage from right wingnuts. Muslims portrayed as regular people? NOOOO!!! The wingers don't want to see muslims as anything but bloodthirsty, bomb-wielding jihadists because it might mean they wouldn't be able to fear and loathe them so much, and there are a lot of people that need to spit on someone to validate themselves. At winger haven 'small braindead animals' the comments about the show are astonishing in their unabashed bigotry. Take nitwit commenter "Mary T" -- she's already launched a pre-emptive strike on the show:

"...I have phoned the talkback line numerous time to complain. One question I asked was, will the cbc mock and make fun of muslims like they have done with christains for years. I demanded equal time for a show called, Little Church on the Prairie, or they might face a law suit for discriminating against christains [sic]. Also told them I was extremely offended by this pushing of muslims on the rest of canada. Protest to the CRTC and anyone you can think of."

The show hasn't even aired yet and this dumbass is already writhing in the spasms of a christian persecution high. "Pushing muslims on the rest of Canada"? Please. "Little Church on the Prairie" -- obviously she's too stupid to realize that's exactly what she's been getting for the last 50 years. There's little that can be done with cretins like this, other than suggesting that if they don't like what they see they exercise their freedom of choice and change the channel -- and maybe start cutting the pills in half from now on.

If "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is successful, maybe "Little Gay Bar on the Prairie" will be next (with Scott Thompson as Buddy Cole, the bar owner). The possibilities are endless!