Monday, March 12, 2007

Your Monday Bill-O

It's so easy to tell when I've gone to work, run errands or spent any length of time in my vehicle, because those are the days I post the Limbaugh/O'Reilly Reports.

As per usual, Bill-O was right off his rocker today, insisting that the democratic organization MoveOn is "exactly the same as the Nazis". How's that, Bill? Because, just like Goebbels, they spread propaganda about people who disagree with them in order to discredit and "assassinate" them. (I wonder why he just didn't say "Swiftboat"?)

I was thinking: does O'Reilly read the news? Limbaugh, I'm pretty sure, can't read -- for what he does, which is sit there and jabber like a gerbil in heat for 3 hours straight, he doesn't need reading skills. But I thought BO at least took a cursory scroll through the Fox homepage once in awhile. If he'd read last week's news, lo and fuckin' behold, he'd have seen one of his republican buddies going down for perjury and obstruction charges that resulted from the attempt by the white house to discredit a critic of the Iraq War. In other words, actually doing exactly what Bill-O was accusing MoveOn of doing today.

I've noticed this before with O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and the rest of the right-wing nuthouse -- they habitually project on their opponents. Whatever the republicans have done, it gets stood on its head and somehow the democrats have done it, or might be, or probably will be, doing it. It's kind of a slick move; taking a genuine news story, changing a few minor details (like the characters!), and hurling it back as an accusation. It imparts the idea that whatever Libby (or Cheney or Rove or whoever) did, their opponents are doing the same -- or worse! Someone listening with half an ear (or half a brain, as I suspect most of O'Reilly's audience does) might even confuse the event with the accusation. At any rate, it takes the impact out of the real story.

So I guess not only does O'Reilly read the news, he uses whatever the republicans were recently caught doing as his next condemnation of the democrats. Adds a whole new meaning to "News you can use".