Monday, April 30, 2007

More on the Austin bomber

I'm not in the habit of turning over slimy, shit-smeared rocks, but sometimes it's interesting to see what fetid fecal matter lurks beneath.

Authorities aren't saying whether the would-be Austin women's clinic bomber has any connections to anti-abortion groups. But it looks like, if not connections, he has the support of at least one *interesting* group.

The screen shot above is from the "Army of God" website (which I won't link to for obvious reasons); it shows a picture of Evans and tells the sad story of his arrest last week. The "Army Of God" (wiki link) is a group of extremist Christian anti-abortion whackjobs who advocate violence against clinics and doctors who perform abortions. They've been responsible for numerous bombings, anthrax threats, killings and attempted killings of doctors, and other mayhem directed against clinics. In other words, they're terrorists.

Whether Evans is an anti-abortion whacko himself or whether he was recruited, maybe in prison, by the AOG, it's clear that this isn't a case of a "disgruntled boyfriend" as some suggest. It was yet another case of abortion-related terrorism. So why isn't Evans in Gitmo?