Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Alright you guys

An application for a Christian dating service? Okay, very funny:

"The Lord has bigger plans for you than just sitting here reading this email."

"We will hook you up (hook you up? LOL) with hundreds of worthy Christian singles." Hundreds? Ouch.

Where I'm from, a "hookup" is a one-nighter, and they kind of went the way of all good things when we realized there were STDs that penicillin wouldn't cure. I know some of those religious types are a little behind on the learning curve, but 30 years! On the other hand, could this could be a sign of the dawning of more enlightened times in the Christian social scene? I put in that I was a man looking for a man, and they came back and said "We have 7,000 matches for you!"