Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Mission Accomplished" Year Five begins

In a nauseating portent of things to come, this photo-op-to-end-all-photo-ops was held four years ago today. It kicked off with Georgie being dressed up in a flightsuit (the codpiece carefully stuffed with a couple of dead gerbils) and allowed to touch the steering mechanism as his plane landed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Does it get any more heroic than that? It was almost as good as bleating into a bullhorn atop the crushed and mangled remains of the World Trade Center and its occupants.

As Georgie squawked into the bullhorn that day, I doubt if anyone other than his inner cabal could have foreseen the heart of darkness to which this lying and murderous administration would take us. Certainly nobody sane could have imagined that the horror of war would be sanitized, its blood mopped up and its stink deodorized, then stage-managed and used as campaign fodder for the consumption of the semi-conscious masses.

Happy Mission Accomplished Day; hopefully by the next anniversary the Mission really will have been Accomplished.