Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Birth certificates for stillborns?

The fetus-fetishists do a lot of weird and inexplicable things, but this is downright creepy, "ewww"-worthy, even. Their latest pet project is getting birth certificates for stillborns. From that fount of fetus worship, misogyny and bigotry, "lifesite":

"NEW YORK, May 23, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Joanne Cacciatore has waged a decade-long battle to convince elected officials to recognize the need of parents to recognize the humanity of their stillborn babies with birth certificates. Ms. Cacciatore, the founder of the M.I.S.S. foundation and the MISSing Angels petition, spoke with LifeSiteNews.com about her own personal experience advocating the rights of herself and other parents seeking closure and the frustrating opposition she faces from abortion advocates opposed to birth certificates as some sort of stealth pro-life legislation."

Stealth strategy? Anti-choicers? Noooooo, those good people would never engage in something so devious. Would they.

It's easy to see how it would be profoundly traumatizing for a woman to carry a wanted pregnancy to term, only to have the dream of a new addition to the family crushed by stillbirth. I can even see how (if not agree with) some might need to commemorate the event somehow, if only to give them a sense of closure and help them heal. But no way should the grieving/healing process involve the government issuing legal documents to say "this person lived" when he/she clearly didn't. There are counsellors (or even clergy, if you're so inclined) that would be infinitely more helpful in dealing with this kind of trauma. A birth certificate? No, you have to grab a few lungsful of air to get one of those.

Stealth? "Birth certificates for stillborns" epitomizes stealth anti-choice tactics. The only purpose it would serve is to get the definition of "personhood" one step closer to the womb. Sad to say, the anti-abortion lobby is so determined to get the government to define a fetus as a "person" that they'll go to the lengths of exploiting traumatized women to do it. Bastards.