Monday, May 28, 2007

Pagans-1, Xtians-0

My goodness, it looks like more anti-Christian bigotry is rearing its ugly head. This time the offense takes place at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where the Pagan Society has been given the go-ahead to hold its annual conference on campus:

"The University of Edinburgh has granted permission to the Pagan Society to hold its annual conference - involving talks on witchcraft, pagan weddings and tribal dancing - on campus next month. Druids, heathens, shamans and witches are expected to attend what is a major event in the pagan calendar."

Wow! Sounds pretty cool! But hmm... not everyone thinks so:

"Matthew Tindale, an Edinburgh-based Christian Union staff worker, claimed some faiths and beliefs appeared to be more equal than others on campus.

'This seems to be a clear case of discrimination,' he said. 'It's okay for other religions, such as the pagans, to have their say at the university, but there appears to be a reluctance to allow Christians to do the same. All we are asking for is the tolerance that is afforded to other faiths and organisations.'

The Union has won strong backing from the Catholic Church in Scotland, whose spokesman, Simon Dames, felt that allowing the pagan festival to go ahead while barring the Union meeting was an example of "Christianphobia".

Christianphobia! Damn straight it is! It's a rough old world, and so unfair. Everyone should get their say; it's all about tolerance. So why doesn't the Christian Union get to have their own little shindig?

"The row has its roots in last year's decision by university officials to ban the Christian Union from using campus premises to run a course which claimed that gay sex was morally wrong."

Oh, I forgot. "Christian tolerance" means tolerance of intolerance. Well, too bad for the little hatebots, they'll have to find somewhere else to hold their homophobia fest. Maybe the Grand Wizard will let them use the same clearing in the woods that his group uses.