Sunday, May 13, 2007

Canada wordmark/march banners -- Turner joins the fray

Frank Frink of the Next Agenda reports that in response to emails about the march for life/Canada wordmark situation, MP Garth Turner has a post up at his blog:

"The video below shows scenes of the march, including banners with the “Canada” logo clearly visible on them. This is the official logotype of the national government, and suggests the event received federal funding. If so, it is an interesting indication of the sentiments of the Conservatives in Parliament. If not, then the organizers may have done an un-Christian thing in ripping off the symbol."

If the campaign life coalition ripped off the logo with the intention of making it appear as though they have government support, they've shot themselves in the foot, since the only way this can wrap up is for the government to publicly state that they do not endorse or support the CLC or its march.

If the CLC used the logo because they are getting government support, this story is a long way from being over.