Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In other news, God smote my iMac

Yesterday, I ran a routine disk utility repair while I went out, as I often do when I leave my desktop. When I came home, what the --!? The screen was frozen solid, I couldn't close disk utility or even shut down the computer. I eventually had to pull the plug to turn it off. When it started up again, I saw a horrible visage that I thought I'd left behind with Windoze: Blue Screen Of Death. (Or in Mac's case, I guess that would be Aqua Screen Of Death.) In horror, I screamed: "Noooooooo!!!"

The scariest thing is that it wasn't even a typical kernel panic screen, with some "fatal error" message, as shown in the picture... this was a totally blank, blue, dead screen with nothing on it. Ack! I tried many things to get my recalcitrant Mac to behave, finally forcing it to boot from a Disk Warrior CD, which I hoped would fix the flakiness. NO! I ran a hardware test, all the memory and other bits are fine, but still the stubborn Aqua Screen Of Death. So a full re-installation of OSX is in progress, and thank dog for my laptop.

Update: Aaaaaand... it's fixed. But I'd like to know why it happened. (The anti-abortion people will say God laid his vengeance upon my Mac for being the source of "pro-abort propaganda", but I don't buy it -- God is adamantly pro-choice.) Any other mactards out there who've had a similar experience?