Saturday, May 26, 2007

From the Old Hippie's mailbag

And the WTF? prize goes to Victor, who emailed me to say... something.

The email appears to have been prompted by my post on the resignation of the Miracle Channel's Dick Dewert. Although Victor's "red [sic] next to nothing of what" I write, this post somehow compelled him to email and warn me against "tossing the baby out with the bath water". (Or in my case, the biohazard waste. Haha, just kidding!)

He links to a site that appears to be Christian Zionist ("support Israel -- we need it for the End Times"), a religious flavour I'd characterize as "bugfuck whacko". But scanning the site, I see that this particular branch of the wingnut tree even holds other religions in nothing but contempt. Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam (oh man, do these guys hate Muslims -- even more than the Children Of The Corn over at SDA) and even Buddhism are roundly thrashed and denounced as diabolical. (What then must they think of my reality-based Atheism?)

My guess is that this guy has No Idea how stubbornly irreligious I am; if he did, he wouldn't have wasted 5 minutes of his life emailing me. (Five minutes is a lot when the End Times are so near.) Oh well, thanks for the input, Victor... and the reminder to put a "Deity-Free" button in my sidebar!