Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Those family values rock

Religious right-wingnut hypocrisy: it's like an overflowing barrel of shit, there's so much of it you could be blindfolded and still be able to scoop up a shovelful. Hypocrite of the Day is "Miracle Channel" founder Dick Dewert, who resigned yesterday after admitting to, well, what else:

"CALGARY - The founder of Canada's first national Christian television network has resigned after admitting to an "extra-marital relationship."

Dick Dewert started the network in Lethbridge in 1995 with his wife, Joan, who has also resigned to "stand with her husband," a news release issued from the Miracle Channel said.

"We do not condone his behaviour," said Ray Block, who has been named CEO to replace Dewert."

Of course not! That's why we keep doing it. And doing it. And doing it. And coming back for more. There's got to be a reason why these people are so obsessed with all things sexual, publicly breathing fire and brimstone into every touch. I wonder what it could be.