Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Knocked Up" - the movie

Yikes. I just stumbled upon this while surfing around for something else: "Knocked Up", the movie, Coming (ha) Soon To A Theater Near You.

The premise of the movie is that two people meet, get drunk, get laid, get pregnant -- all in the same night -- and BOOM! Lives are changed forever, for the better of course, when the career girl and her slacker fuck-buddy decide to settle down and have this baby. (And live happily ever after. Of course.) It's a glorious, rosy, and irresponsibly unrealistic picture of accidental pregnancy.

Maybe I'm picky, but this movie gives me the creeps. It's not a question of being pro-choice or anti-choice; the woman in the movie made her choice, so good for her. It's just that I know from experience that getting knocked up after a one-nighter isn't the romantic bed of roses this movie makes it out to be -- for most people, it's an unmitigated disaster. I just hope the people in this movie's target demo (teens, young adults) are perceptive enough to realize this, and don't slack off on the birth control.